Personal Directory Manager for Cisco SPA Series IP Phones

Key Features

Easy Contact Management

Manage all of your contacts in the easy to use web app and your handsets will automatically update.

Contact Categories

Assign contacts to categories to make finding your contacts quick and easy.

Desktop Application

Our desktop application will allow you to call any of your web or Outlook contacts directly.

Easy To Use

Our Web Portal makes it easy to add all of your important contacts and the configuration of your handsets is extremly simple.

CSV Import

Easily Import your existing contacts via our CSV Import Feature.


Restrict access to the service so that only handsets in your office can access your contact directory.

Device Management

View all of your connected devices from within the web portal and view key device information.

Great Device Compatibility

Compatible with Cisco SPA 303, 501G, 502G, 508G, 509G, 512G, 514G, 525G.

No Contact Limits

Use our interactive XML Application to overcome the 100 device limit of Cisco SPA Handsets.

Dedicated Desktop Application

Our exclusive desktop companion makes calls quick and simple

Save even more time by using our companion desktop application to initiate calls directly from your computer.

All of your contacts stored in the web portal will be available as well as those you have stored in your Microsoft Outlook contacts folder. Working with your Cisco SPA Phones will be easier than ever.

Sign up for free

Register now

Register now and use the service for free with up to two Cisco SPA devices.

Additional Devices

Choose a paid plan from the portal if you need additional devices to access the service.

Take control of your Cisco SPA Devices now

Registration is quick and easy and setting up your devices to work with the service takes moments.